No-One Cares about your photography!

In today’s oversaturated world of photography billions of new photographs are posted every week on the various social media platforms. The brutal honest truth is that no one really cares about your photography no matter how many images you publish. As a matter of fact in almost any case the only person who cares is yourself. We post our imagery to seek confirmation about the feeling and joy we get from our own photographs. We are in this selfish journey trying to collect pats on the back. The truth is you really shouldn’t give a shit. 

Personally I don’t care if people like my photography or not, that is of course my personal work and not the work I shoot on assignment for clients. The difference is that the photographs I make for clients are often influenced by their vision and is not 100% my own creativity. In that case I do care that I did a good job so I can keep feeding my family. When it comes to my personal photographs I don’t care. The most important thing is that I like it. As photographers we are so worried that our friends, family and random people love what we do in which we actually limit our creative freedom and loose our creative identity

I love making composites and many people also love what I do and I have an equal amount of people that don’t like what I do because my imagery is false, its not real, its not a photograph. In my article “Digital Art vs Photography” I talk about that more in depth. But I honestly don’t care what people think. I did in the past a lot and what I have found is that by caring to much I was limiting myself to much. I was limiting my creativity and loosing my identity as an artist. And that is what we all should be, Artists! My main goal is to please my artistic self first and than others. Me the artist comes in first place, then pleasing others. This might sound harsh but in truth it is a mentality that sets your creative artistic spirit free. Don’t get me wrong, I too try to make a difference with my imagery, stand out of the crowd and trying to produce meaningful photographs. I get a kick when my audience love what I do and am selfishly very happy when that happens, but its not my main driver. Its a special reward when that happens. Its that moment when your art is understood and your identity as an artist is confirmed without that its been manipulated by others opinion. 


Please keep collecting thumbs up, stars and hearts and as many likes and shares possible. When you do try to do it with imaging that are true to you that are a part of you and your creative identity. When you do so I promise your imagery will be better.